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Understanding Speech amid the Jingle and Jangle: Recommendations for Improving Measurement Practices in Listening Effort Research

Listening effort measures are rarely correlated. This paper argues for a need to think about measurement, especially in the context of listening effort.

Recall of Speech is Impaired by Subsequent Masking Noise: A Replication of Rabbitt (1968) Experiment 2

Replication of Rabbitt (1968), Experiment 2 with updated statistical methods

The nature buffer: the missing link in climate change and mental health research

Nature and climate change independently affect mental health. This paper argues for a need to look at how climate change is affecting nature access, and how that buffer affects mental health.

What accounts for individual differences in susceptibility to the McGurk effect?

Lipreading ability accounts for part of the variability in McGurk susceptibility, but the rest is largely unknown.